Drinking In College: The Healthy Way!

My previous post got me thinking about drinking in college. Oh college, the days of endless booze and forgotten nights. I’ve had my fair share of blurry nights for sure. But I’ve also seen the long-terms effects booze has had on some of my peers health-wise, especially today. As an advocate of doing everything in moderation, today I share some ways to drink without compromising your health in college.

  1. Do not drink and drive

Drinking and driving is both stupid and dangerous as well. Choosing to do so puts your life and other people’s lives at risk. If one needs to get to another destination after drinking, it is better to call a friend, taxi or figure another way to get a transport.

  1. Hydrate yourself

Drinking a cup of water after consuming alcohol will make you more cheerful and lively upon waking up. Choosing to not do so will give you a drunk and drowsy feeling.

  1. Have solid foods before taking alcohol

Drinking before consuming solid foods takes a toll on your organs like the liver, kidneys, cardiovascular system and digestive system. It also causes one to get drunk faster. Drinking after consuming solid foods will enable your body to process the alcohol better.

  1. Know your body and its alcohol tolerance

Reading the alcohol content of different drinks and knowing your body’s limit before consuming alcohol will save you from lots of problems. Keep track of your alcohol consumption by making notes on your mobile phone. Always have a cup of water after drinking.

  1. Slow down your drinking pace

Drinking alcohol quickly will lead to problems like drunkenness and discomfort after the alcohol effect sets in. Sipping alcohol slowly will prevent these problems from occurring and it looks sophisticated as well.

  1. Bring a sober person along

Bringing along someone who is sober when going out for a drink will ensure that he/she has your back when you get drunk. This will ensure that that person’s favour will be repaid as well once he/she gets drunk.

  1. Take good care of your friends

When drinking with your friends, always make sure you have their back. If they show any symptoms of alcohol poisoning, get them water to drink and bring them to a nearby hospital for treatment. This is important as friends are responsible for each other’s backs.

  1. Do not mix drinks with drugs

Mixing alcohol with drugs will cause one to suffer from dangerous side effects like throwing up and passing out. Always take note of alcohol labels and mix alcohol with only other alcohol.

  1. Bring along a phone charger

Always ensure that your mobile phone is fully charged and bring a portable charger along the way in case the battery drops to a low level. Doing so will ensure that you will be able to contact taxis or friends to bring you home anytime you get drunk.

  1. Know when to quit

Always know your limits. When alcohol gives your life major personal problems, always seek help from counsellors or healthcare professionals when you need help in quitting.