10 Ways To Keep Fit

Living a balanced life also means having an optimal fitness condition. I’d like to share some fitness tips and tricks I’ve internalised and practiced over the years, and have contributed to my personal wellbeing in many rewarding ways:

1. Embrace carbohydrates
Eating too much carbohydrates will cause your body to store fat but some like sweet potato and jasmine rice are needed for fuel and recovery from intense workouts on certain days.

2. Visually entertain yourself when working out
Enjoying your favourite Tv show or podcast when working out will motivate you to work harder.

3. Focus on one goal
Instead of focusing on too many fitness goals at once, it is better to focus on one at a time such as being more physically active first and the rest such as dietary habits will follow.

4. Be innovative
A gym is not necessary for working out as you can even do so in your room or local park. Be imaginative and improvise.

5. Enjoy yourself
Instead of worrying about the latest fitness or nutrition trend, you should tailor one to fit your body’s needs and at the same time enjoy yourself.

6. Wear your favourite workout gear
This is so that you will feel motivated to take on your workout.

7. Don’t compare yourself to others
Focus on yourself more than others as you don’t know their journey.

8. Patience and consistency is key
Slowly build up your fitness level as you go along your journey. Do not rush it.

9. Eat for recovery
It is important to fuel your body with essential nutrients like protein, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals to replenish and repair your body after working out.

10. Push yourself hard in classes
When attending fitness classes, always push your body hard but be wary of your body’s capabilities.

In my next post, I’ll be sharing about how fit people stay in shape.