10 Ways To Have A Great House Party

Happy 2019 folks. As I grow older I find it more tiresome to throw parties and as a result, attend them instead. Why bother going through the hassle of throwing one when you can just get free drinks? Okay, I kid. It really does take its toll on you after awhile though.

On New Year’s, of my best bros, Ben, threw the most lit (as kids call it these days) house party to usher in the new year. I’ve definitely changed a lot since my house partying days in college but some parties really stood out, and this one hit the spot. What makes a good party, really?

The aim of a house party is to have everyone gather together to socialise, enjoy great music and foods. Certain house parties end up in a mess due to poor planning people not knowing better on how to interact with each other. I’ve put together a list of 10 things to have a great house party based on my observation over the years:

  1. Make sure your neighbours are invited

It is always good to inform your neighbours that you are going to throw a party so that they can join in the fun as well. If they choose to not do so, informing them is also good as this will ensure that they do not get annoyed when the party starts.

  1. Have a selective guest list

Always ensure that you invite friends with different characteristics to the party be it the neat freak, the bouncer or the one that shuns drinking so that he/she can entertain others such as guests, irritated neighbours or the police. This will ensure that you can fulfil your main responsibility as the party’s host.

  1. Do not give accurate information on the party’s starting time

When throwing a party, always ensure that the starting time provided is earlier than the actual starting time of the party. This will ensure that the ones who are always late show up on time while the ones that always show up on time do not need much worrying.

  1. Lock the doors of roommates’

Locking the doors of roommates is important to ensure that the things in their room such as bedsheets and tables are not made filthy from the alcohol and food taken during the party. This is also to ensure that other people do not enter those rooms and do other activities inside.

  1. Serve a variety of different foods

It is always important to serve a variety of different foods and drinks at parties. This is so that you can cater to the different tastes of the people that attend your party.

  1. Play good songs

When throwing a party, always have a playlist that contains a variety of different but popular songs. This is so that people can enjoy the different songs played. If you can get a person who is good at being a deejay and mixing music, it would be even better.

  1. Introduce the different people to each other

When throwing a party, put in effort to be a good host and introduce people to each other. This is essential for ice-breaking so that people will not feel socially awkward upon meeting each other for the first time.

  1. Have games during the party

Games help cheer people up and allow them the opportunity to pass the time when having house parties. Offering games such as Spades, Beer pong or Taboo will enable the guests to enjoy with each other during the party celebration and keep them entertained.

  1. Have an exit plan prepared for guests

When it is time to conclude a house party, start cleaning up the place, lowering the music volume and tell guests that it is time to go home. If the guests still refuse to go home, tell them that the police are on the way.

  1. Keep yourself sober

After throwing a party, keep yourself as sober as possible even though there is a tendency to get drunk. Keeping yourself sober decreases the chances of making mistakes such as saying or doing something wrong to someone which could potentially end up destroying your future.