10 Healthy Drinking Tips

Drinking was a huge part of my early corporate years (though to be honest, it all actually started during college). While not healthy when done all the time, drinking can be made fun and guilt free by following these tips:

  1. Stay away from sugary mixers

Certain alcoholic drinks like margarita mix, sugary juices and red bull take a toll on the human body so it is advised to mix alcohol with fresh fruit juice and plain water.

  1. Consume clear coloured alcohol

Consumption of clear coloured alcohol like vodka, gin and light beer takes a lighter toll on the body as opposed to coloured alcohol like whiskey, bourbon and red wine.

  1. Avoid mixing

Mixing alcohol takes a toll on the body so pick an alcohol of your choice instead.

  1. Take a break from drinking

It is recommended to abstain from drinking for an extended time frame to enable the body to heal.

  1. Eat well the following day

Consume a healthy breakfast which consists of food like eggs and fresh juice as opposed  to greasy food as it will cause you to be more bloated the following day.

  1. Eat before drinking

Eating before drinking will enable your stomach lining to be coated with some food as a base so that alcohol consumption will not result in nausea, headache and stomach upset.

  1. Eat while drinking

Eating healthy snacks while drinking enables the body to process alcohol properly.

  1. Drink water

Drinking plain water in between rounds of alcohol prevents dehydration from alcohol consumption as alcohol is a diuretic.

  1. Consume less alcohol

Consuming less alcohol on certain days can prevent your health deteriorating.

  1. Consume vitamins and minerals

Drinking alcohol strips essential nutrients away from the body so replenishing the body with vitamin C and B complex will help the body in terms of health maintenance.

The next few posts will revolve around healthy drinking, or optimising your drinking lifestyle. Till then, I hope you have a good festive season and don’t overdo the drinks!