10 Tips To Stay Awake When Working

Tiredness can really impede someone’s working performance and be detrimental to certain careers. I’ve had my fair share of late nights that lead to long days, and long weeks that lead to even longer weekends. It can all be managed of course. Here are some tips that have helped me in the past, and one golden hack that us long-hour corporates use to tackle drowsiness.

  1. Take a walk before working

Walking enables one to take in some fresh air. It is best taken in the morning as soon as the sun rises to boost alertness.

  1. Nap before working

Even though napping might not always be permissible while working, taking short naps lasting from 15 to 20 minutes makes one more awake.

  1. Taking breaks when working

One can feel tired when sitting or standing is a requirement throughout work. Taking a break during work such as walking around while attending to one’s work can help boost alertness.

  1. Have a well-lit workspace

Opening the window to allow sunlight in during the day and turning on the lights when it is dark when working can help to boost performance.

  1. Drink plenty of water

Tiredness is often caused by dehydration so a cup of water can help to boost energy levels.

  1. Consuming caffeine earlier during work

This can help boost alertness. However, consuming it before bed can affect sleep.

  1. Keep snacks around

Having nutritious snacks consisting of important nutrients like protein, carbohydrates and healthy fats maintains steady blood sugar levels throughout the day. Examples of such snacks are like carrots, nuts and cheese. Snacks with added sugar like candies are best avoided.

  1. Get easy stuff done first

Completing simple tasks such as replying emails or filing documents will enable one to focus on more complex tasks.

  1. Utilising energy scents

Scents from candles or oil diffusers can help keep one awake. Strong scents like jasmine or citrus can help with energy levels.

  1. Listen to music

Listening to loud music can help to boost energy levels. However, wear headphones when listening to avoid disturbing other co-workers.

Did I also mention that there’s one golden hack? It’s not for everyone but when used properly increases awakeness and boosts your memory. Remember the movie Limitless? Turns out that there’s a real life equivalent of it called modafinil. I remember that one time I had a mid-term consulting project in Southeast Asia and I was reaching my tolerance limit. I found these guys (who were some of the most reliable suppliers of modafinil in Malaysia), popped a pill it’s changed the way I regulate my working life.

Of course now that I’m no longer a part of the rat race, I haven’t had to rely on it for a long time. Like I said though, it’s not for everyone so you need to figure out what works for you. I’m not an expert, so it’s best you consult the experts before you start using it.